10 Pictures

The alliance has a photo contest that I chose some pictures to submit. You could submit up to 10 photos, in three different categories- the student experience, people and society and landscapes/streescapes.  A lot of these have already appeared on the blog but I thought I would put them up all together. They aren’t necessarily my top 10 personal favorite pictures, but I do think they capture my time in India quite well. It was really hard to choose the final 10, I have a bunch of others I really like as well that I might try and put up another time.

The Student Experience: Meditating with Prayer Flags near Dharamshala - Update! This picture won the Alliance Photo Context for the Student Experience Category 🙂

The Student Experience: Dancing at the Ganapati festival in Pune

The Student Experience: Hiking in the western ghats

People and Society: A Sikh policeman in Punjab

People and Society: Village children

People and Society: Getting ready for a street-play in Pune

Landscape and Streetscapes: Sugarcane Cart in the Rural Area of Phaltan

Landscape and Streetscapes: Cows on the beach in Goa

Landscape and Streetscape: A view of Pune from Parvati Hill

Landscape and Streetscapes: The Beach of Mumbai - I did get sand for our sand collection


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