Thanksgiving and Weekend Shopping

It’s kind of hard to believe but this was my third to last weekend in Pune. I’ve been keeping pretty buys with my internship, but have gotten to do some fun things as well.

The pie making girls with possibly the most beautiful apple pie of the night- delicious!

Belive it or not we did celebrate Thanksgiving here in India. I spent the afternoon baking some delicious pies with some of the other girls on my program. We had an interesting variety of shapes and sizes of pans, and a gas oven with only two racks. However, we still managed to make a total of 14 pies, although most of them were smaller then what one would consider a normal pie size. We made pumpkin pie from scratch, using pre-pressure cooked pumpkin, blending it with lots of spices and other goodies before putting it into our homemade pie crusts.

Making popcorn for a movie night- they have 'instant' popcorn packets... for the pressure cooker!

Because we didn’t have enough pans we made three large free-form apple tarts, which ended up tasting really good. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of Turkey (a bit dry but turkey none the less), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cheesy garlic toast, some very strange looking stuffing, green beans with hazelnuts, potato balls, pie, vanilla ice cream and chocolate pudding. I wouldn’t say it was the most traditional but it tasted pretty delicious. I do think that the pie was the highlight.

The Japanese Garden

This weekend I decided I should get around to seeing some of the sites I haven’t gotten to in the city.I brought out the map that they gave us at the beginning of the program and started to actually piece together how the city worked. We started out at a Japanese Garden that is close to my house.

Clumpy Lumpy Grass at the Japanese Garden

They claim that it is the largest Japanese garden outside of Japan, but who knows. It was actually quite nice, and peaceful, until a large school field trip brought about a hundred middle schoolers, many of whom wanted pictures of us. We did stay quite fascinated by the ‘clumpy lumpy grass’ that was quite prevalent, and seemed to be out a Dr. Seuss book.

I found these in the grocery store and laughed at the tag line

Next we visited the Raj Dinkar Kelkar Museum, which was an mansion in the old city that housed the vast collection of Indian artifacts collected by Dinkar Kelkar during late 20thcentury.

So many chilies! They were actually imported to India by the Portuguese

It was really cool to see some really great statues, pots and pans, tapestries, artwork and lots of other stuff from all around this vast and diverse country. We then walked around the old city for a while, as well as a pretty awesome vegetable market. Sunday after slowly getting some work done on one of the three final papers I have due Wednesday we went to Luxmi road, one of the major shopping streets in Pune. hadn’t planned on buying much, but ended up getting a Tiffin- a tin lunch box made of three compartments stacked on top of each other, and a Sari!

Fresh Ginger, it really is quite common here, I'll miss that in the US

I’m pretty excited about the Sari, I still need to get the top for it actually made, and the petticoat that goes underneath, but it’s beautiful. I’m not sure I’ll be able to wear it other than at our closing ceremony, but if not I can always hang it somewhere- and who knows if/when I’ll be back to India again.

My Sari- pictures of me wearing it to come... hopefully


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